For camping, hunting and survival, there are hundreds of backpacks, bugout bags, and tent shelters on the market. Each has its own place and applications for different scenarios.  But the simple fact is, you can only carry so much.  Weight and size become a factor on how long you can stay and what conveniences you will be able to bring with you.

Outcart’s LLC has developed a product that will allow you to take hundreds of pounds of camp gear, food, water, guns, ammo etc.  This product also doubles as a tough, durable, water and bug proof shelter that can be pulled with a bike or pushed by hand.

Why leave thousands of dollars’ worth of guns and ammo behind in a bug out situation. Why not take weeks, if not months, worth of food? Why not bring extra clothes, blankets, shelters, camp stoves etc.?

The Outcart is built with ¾” steel or aluminum square tubing. Every part is laser cut to ensure the best quality. The wheels are heavy-duty with steel spokes. The tires are foam-filled which means no flat tires! The shelter is an actual tent made of heavy 600 denier poly backed vinyl.  This makes it waterproof and gives it the durability for rugged outdoor use, with plenty of room for you and your gear.

"My Outcart is awesome! If only I could just keep my kids from fighting over who gets to sleep in it. I bought it for hunting on my ranch in New Mexico but we use it for camping more than I thought we would. The kids hook it up to the bike and pull it out for overnight camping all summer. I'm 6’4 and I sleep comfortably in it and both the girls will sometimes sleep together in it. Looks like I'll be ordering a couple more for Christmas, I would recommend the Outcarts for anyone that loves camping."
Josh Peralta
New Mexico