Introducing Outcarts: The Newest Pull Behind Bicycle Cargo Trailer and Tent

Outcarts | Made in U.S.A. | Bike Cargo Trailer

We are proud to introduce the latest in pull behind bike trailer systems, Outcarts.


The Outcart was developed to be a versatile gear and camping cart with a wide range of uses. This includes camping, hunting, bicycling, and survival situations. With a 350-pound capacity, it can carry (haul) camping good such as water, food, stoves, chairs, tarps, saws, and guns etc. It can be utilized to haul your game harvest as well.

This cart easily transforms into a one-man cot and tent that is water proof, off the ground, and spacious enough for a full-grown man to sleep comfortably.
As a bugout cart, it can be set up to carry as many as 4 guns, several ammo cans, water and food for a long-term survival scenario.

With the bike attachment, it can be towed behind any bike with a seat post. The cart is collapsible so it can fit in most any vehicle and can be stored easily. The durable steel and aluminum design is made for rugged outdoors and can withstand many years of use and abuse. Built in the USA!


The Outcart folds up for easy storage and transportation. It will fit in the trunk of a car or in the back of an SUV, even on the top racks. In just a few minutes, it can be set up and ready to haul a full camp site worth of gear to a remote camp site. This allows you to escape crowded camp sites, bringing everything you need, in one trip.

The Outcart can be loaded at home with all your camping gear and then loaded into the back of a pickup truck. The heavy duty tent material can withstand high winds and wont rip or tear while being transported.