The Outcart was developed to be a versatile gear and camping cart with a wide range of uses. This includes camping, hunting, bicycling, and survival situations. With a 350-pound capacity, it can carry (haul) camping good such as water, food, stoves, chairs, tarps, saws, and guns etc. It can be utilized to haul your game harvest as well.

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The Outcart is built with ¾” steel or aluminum square tubing. Every part is laser cut to ensure the best quality. The wheels are heavy-duty with steel spokes. The tires are foam-filled which means no flat tires! The shelter is an actual tent made of heavy 600 denier poly backed vinyl. This makes it waterproof and gives it the durability for rugged outdoor use.

This cart easily transforms into a one-man cot and tent that is water proof, off the ground, and spacious enough for a full-grown man to sleep comfortably.

As a bugout cart, it can be set up to carry as many as 4 guns, several ammo cans, water and food for a long-term survival scenario.

With the bike attachment, it can be towed behind any bike with a seat post.  The cart is collapsible so it can fit in most any vehicle and can be stored easily. The durable steel and aluminum design is made for rugged outdoors and can withstand many years of use and abuse.  Built in the USA!

Disclaimer: Outcarts are not passenger vehicles. Outcarts are not meant to be pulled by motorized vehicles or used at high speeds. Using the Outcart in any of these manners will void any and all product warranties or return policies. Manufacturer will not be liable for any damages or injuries sustained from improper use.

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 10 in

Aluminum, Steel


Green, Camouflage


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