David Rife

I Love the Outcart! I have been an avid bow hunter for over thirty years. After moving to Montana I couldn’t wait to get in the mountains and start hunting. About five years ago I suffered a back injury requiring me to have three laminectomy and a fusion. After the surgery and healing I began getting back out, but I had a problem. I always like to camp and get further in off the trails. Well after the surgery I was having a issue with wearing my pack. I tried to work through it but to no avail. I ended up not able to carry all the equipment and sleeping bag. I got the Outcart and that’s when I was finally able to get back out where I was wanting to be. The mobility and ease to haul in and out items required was so much easier than I ever even thought possible. I actually can take along more stuff I need now than with just my backpack. It’s quiet, it’s light and easy to haul even loaded up. The fact that it’s also a tent off the ground is a extra bonus. And it’s really easy to set up in just about 2 min. Everything I could want is right there. I now just set up a base camp with it then move out from there with only the minimal equipment I require in my pack. This saves me so much time and work. After getting down a bull elk though I was completely sold 100%. I was able to quarter it up and get it out by myself with absolutely no issues. I had it full with front and back quarters, ribs, then just added the back strap and horns to my pack. Was a bit nervous at first because of the weight, but just took my time and snaked it off the hillside and back to camp. It was the first time ever I was able to do this. Because of the way the weight is distributed on the cart, it truly only felt like I was carrying a little over a rear quarter in it. Extremely impressed and can’t wait to get back out in it this summer to try other things. I highly will recommend this to friends and family who like to just get outdoors. Thanks for a great invention!